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Live.Laugh.DIY Magnet Chalkboard

This may be one of the very favorite DIYs. I built a magnet/chalkboard for my nephews playroom and it turned out better than I could have imagined! Follow along with the video to see the process from start to finish! Supplies: Eucaboard (⅛” x 48” x 96”) Sheet Metal (found in roofing section ...
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Live.Laugh.DIY. Photo Ledge

Here is a quick and easy tutorial for building a rustic photo ledge! Supplies: A small can of wood stain A drop cloth or surface you can get dirty Wood glue A foam paint brush or clean rag for applying stain Sandpaper or sander A drill and screws 1 ½ inch nails 1 – 1x2x8 […]...
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Live.Laugh.DIY. Board & Batten Shutters

Board & Batten Shutters In the fall, we gave our house a facelift. We painted the brick, trim and gutters, built new shutters, replaced the gutter downspouts with rain chains, and swapped out the door hardware and light fixtures. Plus we gave our front door a pop of color! We truly transformed o...
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