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About Ezra Aldern.

My ability to listen, communicate, and build meaningful human connections was developed through my experiences as an educator and business owner.

Equity. Educate. Empower.

As a small-business owner, I quickly realized the need to build financial assets for my future. In 2016, I purchased my first property. As a life-long educator, I felt “late” to the table in learning the value of real estate. That feeling was the catalyst for obtaining my real estate license and cultivating my passion of helping clients build financial flexibility and assets through home ownership!

When I need to recharge, you’ll find me. 

  • Family – spending quality time with family and my partner, Andrea
  • Humor – cracking jokes and laughing with friends
  • Active – working out, hiking, enjoying Denver’s parks and playing golf
  • Happy Hour – winding down an afternoon with well vodka and IPA’s

Little known fact. 

I have a master’s degree in social work and I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). My training as a social worker has provided a tremendous advantage when advocating and negotiating on behalf of my clients!

Causes I support. 

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Learn Your Rights in the Community (LYRIC)
  • Chained Voices

Awards and Recognition. 

  • Civil Rights in Action Award (ACLU)

Creative Problem Solving
Advocating For Clients
Working with First Time Home Buyers
Investment Properties

I was always told if you can’t say it best yourself, find someone else to say it for you.

He was always responsive and willing to answer my nonstop questions.

“Ezra was such a big help when purchasing my first home. He was always responsive and willing to answer my nonstop questions. One of the best parts about working with Ezra was his genuine care and willingness to take the time to get me into the right property.” – Morgan M. 

Working and spending time with Ezra Aldern was a very awesome experience.

“Working and spending time with Ezra Aldern was a very awesome experience. He devoted countless hours in helping my family find the right home, I believe we went through over 60 houses and not once were we pressured into getting into a home we weren’t all confident about. My family really appreciated his patience a devotion in helping us find the right home! When we we’re selling our home and fell out of contract twice Ezra never let us down and always kept our mine set in a positive place. Not only did Ezra help us sell our home he helped us get into our new home that is twice the size. I appreciated his level of professionalism and I will highly recommend his team to anyone looking to sell or buy a new home. Compared to our previous real estate agents that help us buy our first home, you cannot compare the positive experience we had with Ezra because our last agents never had that level of expertise and helpful guidance that we experienced with Ezra.” – Valentin A. 

Mi esperencia trabajando con Ezra Alden

Mi esperencia trabajando con Ezra Alden fue la mejor decision q pude haber hecho al contratarlo para vender mi casa y comprar mi nueva casa trabajo siempre con la mejor despocicion con mucho profecionalismo y mucha paciencia mostrando 60 casas en el proceso de vender y comprar mi nueva casa el se preocupo por ayudarme no solo pensando en su beneficio sino primero en el mio propio lo recomiendo por ser tan profecional y educado si un dia quiero vender otra vez no lo pensaria 2 veses para contratarlo es una persona muy profecional y onrrada.” – Yolanda A. 

There is NO QUESTION we will use Ezra again

“Meet the Real Estate agent who has perfected the Home Buying process and saved us 33% per month and thousands on our down payment. Buying a home was supposed to suck. Everyone laments the idea. I don’t want to waste your time so here’s the meat and potatoes: (by the way, Ezra did all of this during the worst part of COVID-19). 1. PRE-APPROVAL – Ezra and team held our hands. These champs walked us through the entire process, step-by-step. 2. HOME SEARCH – He will send you an intuitive list of homes to search from the comfort of your living room. The search tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the place. Once you start drooling over a home, simply “Love” or “Like” the joint and sit back while Ezra organizes and shows you the home at your convenience (you just show up). 3. DOWN PAYMENT – Ezra is a wizard. He found us a loan assistance program that covered HALF, yes HALF, of our down payment. We are using the other half to buy furniture and renovate on move-in day! 4. MORTGAGE – DON’T BE FOOLED. RENTING IS BACKWARDS! We are saving 33% per month buying a house. You heard me right. Our mortgage is 33% LESS THAN our rent!!! 5. THE MONEY – Ezra connected us to a great lender. He and the lender answered our questions at all hours and it was crystal clear they were looking out for our best interests. Everything was automated, clearly marked and easy to fill out. They even provide video lessons to help explain the complicated stuff. 6. INSPECTION – Ezra was early and used his connections to save us some dough (he didn’t have to do that). It was fast and informative. Then he used that info to negotiate a better deal for us with the seller. And finally… 7. CLOSING – things were different because of covid (we signed streetside in downtown Denver) but it was easy. Everything we needed to sign was highlighted and explained in detail when needed. AFTER THAT HE TOOK US TO BRUNCH AND WE CELEBRATED! My wife and I expect to buy 2-3 more houses over the next 10 years while we build equity and upgrade to our dream home. There is NO QUESTION we will use Ezra again.” – Eric and Cara 

Ezra is truly such a great person to work with

“Ezra is truly such a great person to work with. He walked me through the entire process with great detail as I had so many questions being a first time home buyer. He was very patient and explained all the pros and cons throughout each step. Ezra has a great system for home searching and fine-tuned the search when needed. He is extremely responsive and always easy to get a hold of. Ezra is very knowledgeable about lender programs and has a great team to work with. He always puts his client first and is easy to get along with. Thank you Ezra for helping me find my first home!” – Alma D. 

I would highly recommend working with him

“Ezra was very responsive throughout the whole process, working after hours and scheduling showings on very short notice. The closing process was fast and he helped us with additional requests to be able to close on the property at our price point. I would highly recommend working with him!” – Alejandro V.

His responsiveness and great attitude were on point.

“I can’t thank Ezra enough for his help in getting my home rented out. The entire process was made easy for both me and the tenants and I am grateful for that! He
handled all aspects professionally and in a timely manner. His responsiveness and great attitude were on point. I will definitely use him again!” – Katie G.