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About Clarke Jackson.

I strive to be exceptionally relevant and valuable to my clients and act as an unfaltering positive presence throughout their transactions. I create strong relationships with my clients, so they feel comfortable asking the tough questions, having the hard discussions, and are able to have fun and enjoy the process with me as well!

Justice. Adaptability. Kindness.

For over 3 years I have been helping clients create wealth, maximize profit, and feel truly comfortable at home.

My business acumen which is rooted in my accounting background, informs the way I advise my clients in real estate decisions. Helping my clients understand the real numbers at the base of their transaction gives each of them confidence and comfort in making decisions buying or selling.

Even so, you can ask my clients, they’ve heard me say that I am a true believer in “vibes”. Different homes and spaces feel differently to each person, and finding that match is about more than just the numbers.

I am passionate about people. I love knowing people’s stories! Letting me be a part of your story is the greatest gift you can give me. If there’s anything I can do for you, reach out, let’s have ice cream and talk about our goals, our stories, and, if it’s on your mind, real estate.

Here’s to Your Happy Home!

When I need to recharge you will find me. 

  • Spending time with my family (playing games, running around outside)
  • Reading a book
  • Watching a low stakes TV show (e.g. Queer Eye, The Great British Baking Show)
  • Cleaning/Tidying up

Little known facts. 

  • Given the chance, I’d be an extra in a kung fu movie (you know as one of the bad guys who gets knocked down with one quick kick to the face).
  • I never say no to ice cream
  • I am justifiably embarrassed by the size of my husband and I’s board game collection
  • I have a wonderful son whose smile makes my heart explode, a husband who always makes me laugh, a giant dog, and a very old cat

Causes I support. 

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • YAD Colorado
  • Junior League Denver
  • Project Worthmore
First Time Home Buyer Acumen
New Home Community Knowledge
Home Sale Preparation
Negotiation Expertise
Writing and Blogging

I was always told if you can’t say it best yourself, find someone else to say it for you.

I would highly recommend this team!!!

The level of service that Live.Laugh.Denver provided during the entire process of my home purchase was superior! I purchased a home in the Denver area from out of state and, yet, every step from bidding to the closing was made easy and ran smoothly. I would highly recommend this team!!!


The Live.Laugh.Denver. team was incredible

As a first time home buyer, I was very nervous about the process of finding and buying a new home. The Live.Laugh.Denver. team was incredible throughout every step of the process! When I would get frustrated, they were very encouraging. When I was confused, they were more than helpful. I could tell they always had my best interest at heart and I felt very confident in the advice I was getting. I definitely recommend this team to anyone searching for a new home!