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About Andre Whitt.

Be good, do good, get good.

People. Knowledge. Resource for Life. 
My favorite things in life are connecting with like-minded individuals, helping them become better, and earning their trust so that they don’t hesitate to come to me at any time for advice; real estate or other!

My favorite things in life.

  • Travel is such a powerful tool! I leave the states at least once a year
  • Soccer – I have played my whole life, at every level. Playing helps me fight off the bad bod!
  • Coaching –  I love to teach educate and lead by example
  • Family, I recently became a dad and husband. They are my why
  • Food is magical. Anyone can connect over a good meal.
  • I cook 5x/week and take a cooking class in every country I visit!

Why Real Estate?
Throughout my life, I’ve always needed an avenue to connect with and help people regardless of my career. Out of college, I was a contractor for a hotel group in Hawaii; office life sucked, so I became a sushi chef at night. In Vegas, I worked for an online travel company, office life sucked, so I went to massage therapy school and became a masseuse specializing in rehab. When I moved back to CO, I was an MSP consultant, office life sucked, so I got into real estate. It’s the perfect fit because my job is to help people invest in themselves, and their future

Are we a good fit?

  • Licensed since 2014
  • 2015 Rising Start Finalist
  • First Time Home Buyer Specialist
  • Level 1 Crossfit Trainer @ Crossfit Train
  • Average 16 Transactions/Year
  • Daddy Boot Camp Coach
  • Homeowner
  • Dad and Husband
New Construction


I was always told if you can’t say it best yourself, find someone else to say it for you.

I would highly recommend this team!!!

The level of service that Live.Laugh.Denver provided during the entire process of my home purchase was superior! I purchased a home in the Denver area from out of state and, yet, every step from bidding to the closing was made easy and ran smoothly. I would highly recommend this team!!!


The Live.Laugh.Denver. team was incredible

As a first time home buyer, I was very nervous about the process of finding and buying a new home. The Live.Laugh.Denver. team was incredible throughout every step of the process! When I would get frustrated, they were very encouraging. When I was confused, they were more than helpful. I could tell they always had my best interest at heart and I felt very confident in the advice I was getting. I definitely recommend this team to anyone searching for a new home!