3 Tips to Keeping an Organized Pantry

Everyone loves a well organized pantry. Being able to open my pantry doors and see things labeled, organized and in the right place brings me so much joy. However, if you are like my family, an organized pantry doesn’t last. Before I know it, I open those doors and everything is well, everywhere. Here are 3 tips and tricks for keeping your pantry organized and the joy of organization in your home all year long!  

1. Make Things Accessible 

The items you use daily, put at eye level or lower shelves. If you can easily grab and put back, chances are you will. This is especially true if you have littles, make anything you want them to freely access at their height. Enabling them to reach the things they love, will also ensure they are put back in the right place. Using wire or clear baskets you can see through are great for kiddos. There are some great stackable options, but for kids I would not recommend for ease of use. Here are some great wire baskets, I am also digging these clear storage baskets with handles. 

Anything you want to keep out of reach of your littles and anything you don’t use regularly should go up on the hard to reach shelves.

2. Keep Like Things, With Like Things 

This may seem obvious, but when things start to go south in your pantry it is usually because like things are no longer with like things. Not only does this help keep things looking beautiful but, it helps to know what you need to stock up on at the grocery store. Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep like items together. 

Canned Goods: Here is a simple, space saving canned goods organizer

Airtight Containers: For pastas, crackers, flours and sugars, I prefer to use an airtight storage container so I can easily see what is running low. These are my favorite, but they are a splurge item – here is a cost effective excellent option.  

Lazy Susan: For your oils or spices use a lazy susan. Any of them work great just make sure you measure your shelf before ordering to ensure it will fit and glide easily. I currently have this larger one in my pantry. 

Baskets: For all other items, baskets of any sort work great. Here are the ones I am currently rocking in my pantry and these to fill in smaller gaps. The dollar store also has great low cost solutions that I use often throughout my home. 

3. Label Things

I love labeling things. Part because I love how it looks and part because you are more likely to put something back in the right place if it is labeled. I like to use a simple label maker however, you can get fancy and purchase some on Etsy or make yourself on your computer or on a machine like the Cricut. If you have a basket with a weave texture that won’t hold a label, these are my favorite solution

As with anything, keeping your pantry looking clean and organized always requires general upkeep. Here is to hoping these three steps will greatly decrease the number of times you have to do a pantry overhaul! 

Live well. Laugh often. Organize like a pro. 

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