Lets Talk 2021 Interior Design Trends

  1. Materials & Colors that are Natural, Organic & Sustainable

Sherwin Williams announced Urbane Bronze as their 2021 color of the year giving us all the warm, sophisticated feelings a paint color can. Benjamin Moore put out Aegean Teal as their 2021 color of the year a cooler, intriguing color. PPG and Behr released 2021 color pallets and they all have something in common, natural tones with strong pops of blues and greens.

There is no doubt over the years sustainable home initiatives are trending and in 2021 we will continue to be impressed with the innovative products, materials and recycled furniture uses. As the push to focus on reuse – reduce – recycle and supporting local businesses/artists move into the luxury home market, it will be interesting to see how homeowners can keep up, without paying the big bucks. 

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Natural materials of wood, metals and fabrics will dominate 2021 interior decor. Rattan, wicker and cane furniture, (we said it, cane is in) is one of the hottest new fads. For this reason, earth tones are making a comeback. Bring on the browns, beige, tans and taupe. 


2. Curvy Round Furniture – Glamour of the 60’s & 70’s

Say goodbye to straight, boxy lines and say hello to rounded corners, curves and soft edges. Circles, curves and waves are in. Velvet continues to rule interior fabric selections, especially in those jewel tones or pale pinks. 

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3. Multi-Functional Spaces & Multi-Functional Pieces 

With households experiencing remote working and learning, homeowners are creating multipurpose spaces to accommodate it all. Homes with rooms that are “low usage” are becoming a thing of the past. With some creative layouts, playrooms are now serving as a home school, bedrooms now accommodate home offices and unused corners of the basement are becoming home gyms. Creative furniture placement, room use with multipurpose furniture, will no doubt continue to trend into the new year. 


4. Grandmillennial Style,  Floral Wallpaper & Green/Mustard 

Grandmillennial or granny chic, is trending. There is nothing modern about this, it is a classic formal design aesthetic with big patterns, textures and colors. Oh and did we mention the use of fring, tassels, pleats and ruffles? But with a fresh 21st century feel. These rooms have big personalities so don’t over clutter the space and keep true to a color palette. 

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we are LOVING the traditional vibes with the use of contemporary floral wallpaper with bold colors and design. This is sure to give any space a wow factor. Floral flare continues to push out those geometric patterns and can suit any design style from mid-mod to classic. 

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Add a bold monochromatic colored room, and some of the hottest color trends that include pops of greens and mustard. 

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5. Biophilic Design

Yep, Biophilic design. Yet another design trend that you may not know what the heck it is. Never fear, we got you.  

Biophilia, meaning love of nature (it dates back to the 1980’s), uses design to help reduce stress, enhance creativity and improve overall well-being. After the year we have all had, no wonder this is a hot trend. To stay on this trend, you will need a lot of plants. Studies continue to prove the health benefits of being closer to nature. So whether that is adding a few houseplants to your space, improving the room lighting or positioning your furniture to better enjoy a view of the great outdoors, this trend might be worth a try!

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Live well. Laugh often. Design like a pro.

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