Agents Weigh In: Favorite Local Coffee Shops

“Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.” – Stephanie Piro

Lindsey’s Picks: My favorites are all in NE Denver and are incredible community contributors: Whittier Cafe (Whittier), Prodigy Coffee (Elyria Swansea) Rivers and Roads Coffee (Clayton) and Coffee at the Point (Five Points) . Ahhh, I love that coffee shops play such a significant role in their communities!

Beth’s Picks: Love Novo Coffee (There are a bunch of locations). They make all their own syrups and their cups are biodegradable, so the lucky Denver residents who have composting can compost their cups! Also, Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada.

Hilary’s Picks: Radiator in Sunnyside is part of my morning dog walk, plus there’s a bar – perfect for the evening! Pinwheel in LoHi is great and I also love Huckleberry.

Christina’s Pick: I love Starbucks, but my absolute favorite coffee drink is at Columbine Cafe in Breckenridge- they have awesome flavored coffees- my personal favorite is the Snickers one.

Emily’s Picks: I’m a sucker for Starbucks but I’m fortunate to have a great coffee shop, Jack’s/Steamers right in my neighborhood. They have great breakfast too!

Amy’s Picks: The French Press in Congress Park. They have tea there that warms my heart every time I’m there. Jasmine Petals w/ half steamed almond milk…

Martin’s Picks: My new favorite place is Babe’s tea room. On 15th st. Obviously it’s not a coffee shop because I don’t drink coffee it’s got an AMAZING selection of teas. The serving ware is gorgeous and the food!!! Other local – kochi cafe on 8th. Also a great selection of teas and great atmosphere.

Amanda’s Picks: Ohh I love Corvus a lot- amazing coffee and lattes! Quince is also really neat and has a great outdoor space for kids to play while you get your coffee/tea.

Deanna’s Pick: Little Owl Coffee

Allison’s Pick: Cake Crumbs in Parkhill for me!

Natasha’s Picks: I’m a huge fan of both Copper Door in Lowry and Corvus on I-25 and Bellview. The chai tea latte at Cooper Door is all the rave and the cherry whiskey latte (alcohol free) at Corvus is delicious!

Mandi’s Picks: I hate to admit it, but I am a Starbucks gal. However, local favorites is Aviano Coffee in Cherry Creek North, 2914 Coffee in Jefferson Park and Kabod Coffee in Central Park.

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