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Live.Laugh.Design.Lets Talk Shelves

Let’s talk shelves, mantels and table top decor. If you want to decorate like a pro here at 4 easy steps – get this, with the stuff you ALREADY have at home! 

  1. Clean Slate: Rotate your home accessories to get a fresh feel, on a shoestring budget. So clear off those shelves, that is right, clear them off. Start with a clean slate – rotate items from your bedroom, into your living room and items from your dining room, into your office. Moving things around gives you new vibes, with little to no additional cost! 
  2. Color/Style/Texture: Decide on a color scheme. Neutrals are always safe – white, black, gray, beige, tan, taupe. If you want to blend different styles (modern, traditional, rustic, ect…), using neutral tones to create cohesiveness works best.

Throw in a pop of color or two depending on the look and feel you wish to convey. Blues, greens and purples are cool calming tones; oranges, yellows, browns, reds and pinks are warmer exciting tones.

Textures have a big impact. If you don’t want a pop of color, add texture – plants, books (take off those book covers) or baskets work well. 

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A well designed room should repeat colors, textures and wood tones so whatever you choose, make sure you can find it throughout the entire space.

3. Visual Triangle: If you take one thing away from this blog it is visual triangles. Items arranged in a triangle are most appealing to the eye. To get started with this technique, beginning with three items is easiest.

  • Start with a larger grounding element in the center 
  • The second item should be slightly shorter and should be placed to the side and slightly in front of the first. 
  • Your third item should be shorter than the other two and often looks best directly in front, middle of the other two. Candle votives or small plants work great. 


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Size matters here, if everything’s the same or similar height it creates a box – not what we want. So make sure your heights vary to get the desired triangle.  

4. Pictures/Art: Use pictures or wall art in your shelf decor. A small art piece that you may have traditionally hung, can be a perfect addition to your decor. Lean an art piece or picture on a shelf to serve as a backdrop to those triangles – or use them as a part of your  triangle. Tip: if you need an art piece or picture frame to be taller, put on top of some stacked books, a decorative box or a table easel.

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Voilà! Just like that, your home has a fresh new look and a professional feel.

Live well. Laugh often. Decorate like a pro.

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