Agents Weigh In Snow Day-0 (1)

Agents Weigh In: Favorite Way to Spend a Snow Day

BRR… it’s cold outside! When the snow starts to fall, and school and work is canceled, our agents have some fun ways to spend the day.

Lindsey: Movies & Popcorn! Pro tip Bringing snow into the bathtub if it’s too cold to play outside!

Kenya: Go see a movie!

Emily: On a good snow day I like to get outside and enjoy it (snowboarding, sledding, tubing, horseback riding, etc) and then come home and curl up by the fire with s’mores and a glass of wine.

Hilary: Take the dog snowshoeing then curl up on the couch for a Hulu or Netflix marathon!

Christina: Tubing and sledding!

Martin: Hot chocolate and a Netflix/Hulu marathon or curling up with a good book on an overly warm house!

Beth: Obviously skiing and skiing. If that’s not an option I also enjoy starting a fire inside and cozying up with a cocktail or a hot mug of coffee or tea!

Deanna: If I am not up in the mountains riding I like to bake and clean out my closet and of course, catch-up on all the Oscar-nominated movies I missed!

Laura: Movie watching in my PJ’s and a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Amy: I like to do absolutely NOTHING on snow days. Maybe sit on my couch in front of the fireplace, drink a cup of tea or two, and catch up on TV shows or movies.

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