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Live.Laugh.DIY. How to Paint and Shower Floor or Tub

I used Rust Oleum’s Tub and Tile paint to update the shower floor in my basement bathroom for less than $35. This is a completely UN-original idea, but it’s definitely a quick, simple fix for a visually unappealing bathtub or shower floor. Like many people, I find a lot of my DIY inspiration on pinterest and then find my own way to complete my projects. In this case, I 100% followed the instructions (and this video) provided by Rust Oleum. The video walks you through how to paint your tub/shower step by step, and includes a great supply list. So instead of pretending I’m the expert on painting your bathtub, I’m just going to provide some inspiration and share my before and after photos to show what a difference painting your tub or shower floor can make for your bathroom! 






The one bit of advice I will give is to absolutely wear a respirator. This epoxy paint has incredibly strong fumes. Unfortunately, my bathroom in the basement doesn’t have a window and I had to rely on the shower vent only. Thankfully, I own a respirator already and was able to do this project safely because of it! 


Happy painting! 


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