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Live.Laugh.DIY. Painting a Straight Line on an Accent Wall

The pain of painting textured walls, am I right? We have them here in Colorado and they are annoying! They absorb paint so quickly so it takes multiple coats to get even coverage, and it’s even more difficult to paint a straight line – think accent walls! The first accent wall I painted in my house was in my bedroom, and it looks great, but it’s no where near perfect. As hard as I tried to tape the corner and get the tape to seal, blue paint continued to seep under the tape where the texture on my walls existed. In the end, I just freehanded the corner without tape and a brush. It’s definitely flawed, but none of my guests ever see my bedroom wall, so I decided to let it be.


When it came time to update our home office, my husband and I decided to add a green accent wall. Knowing that my desk would face this wall, and I would have to see any flaw the existed in the paint, I knew I had to find a solution for my straight line on a textured wall issue. After some research, I found the simplest solution – caulk. I taped the corner normally, but before painting, I used paintable caulk over the tape. The caulk filled in all the texture gaps and places where paint would have normally seeped under the tape. I painted before the caulk dried and removed the tape right away. The result was a perfectly straight line in the corner of my textured wall!


The video below shows the process step by step in less than a minute. 🙂 Enjoy!


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