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Live.Laugh.DIY Outdoor Window Bar

With the weather warming up, all I want to do is grill outside and minimize the dishes that need to be cleaned after dinner. Ever since we painted the exterior of our house and built our shutters for the front, I’ve wanted to add some texture to the back of the house where we decided not to add shutters. Additionally, I’ve also always wanted an herb garden right near the back patio because I believe that if I see the herbs everyday…I will get creative with my basic cooking skills and add fresh flavors to whatever I’m preparing…

In order to accomplish both goals, I decided to build a window ledge that I can set my herbs on. I get to see them from my kitchen window and I get to add texture to the back of the house. Win-win!

I started with an 8 foot 1×8 inch board and cut it down to about 6 feet (which is the width of my window). I sanded, stained and sealed it so that it is protected from both sun and rain. I proceeded to stain and treat 2×4 boards that I mounted to the house to rest the ledge on. I created two “brackets” that I used to support the ends and used 3 inch screws to attach them to both the house and the ledge! That was it. The shelf is hung and is home to my basil, chive, and cilantro plants for now. I intend to add other herb pots as summer approaches!

I’ve also toyed with the idea of adding some stools under the ledge, so that when someone is outside grilling, they can pull up a stool, set their drink on the ledge and keep an eye on the food. Andrew would like to install a retractable screen on the window so that food can be passed from the house to the grill. That may be another project we will explore in the future, but for now it’s a plant ledge with space to set down drinks (and raw meat – so the dog can’t reach our dinner)! Check out more outdoor kitchen inspiration here.


A lesson I learned:

In hindsight, my 1x8x6 ledge is not all that heavy and a simpler way to build this would have been to purchase brackets directly from the hardware store and mount the shelf the same way I’d mount a shelf in my house…but my judgement was clouded because I love feeling like I built something completely from scratch. So if you’re looking to simply this DIY you don’t have to make hanging a window ledge more complicated by building the brackets – they already exist!


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