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Unsolicited Life Advice: For Motherhood

Unsolicited life advice… which happens to be exactly what you get as soon as you announce you are going to be a Mom. So with Mother’s Day approaching, we figured we would share some advice.

Welp, as someone who has almost 2 years under her belt as a Mom, I felt it was time I tell you exactly how to do it. (Sound familiar?) I am obviously kidding, but from a place of solidarity in the Sisterhood of Motherhood, I did feel inclined to share some love as we approach Mother’s Day:

Avoid “know- it-all” Moms (and avoid being one): Anyone who says things “Oh, just wait” or “the baby is just prepping you for the sleeplessness after her arrival…” or “you have such an easy baby” … Life is about perspective, surround yourself with positive people, and if these negative people are family you can’t cut off, just say thank you and move on. Ain’t nobody got time for that BS. Each stage is different, and if there is one thing I have learned is my Grandma was right, “this too shall pass,” and that applies to the good and the bad. And if you are a Mom, stop saying this crap to one another – no two babies are the same, so stop acting like there is a right and wrong.

Best advice I ever received: When my parents left to head home, my son was 10 days old, and I was a puddle of postpartum blubbering hormonal exhausted mess, my dad gave me a big hug, kissed my forehead and said “I know Freddy is an amazing husband, but make time for Mom friends. Talk to other Moms. No matter how great your (husband) he will never completely understand.” Coming from a 60 year old man, this is probably one of the most feminist things I have ever heard my Dad say. Your partner just can’t understand. And that is okay. That’s where the sisterhood comes in.

Only advice I ever give: Trust yourself! No one knows better than you do what is best for your baby! Trust your instincts, phone a friend you respect and who will listen, but most of all be confident, you absolutely know what is best!

Moms, whether you stay at home or work 3 jobs to make ends meet, breastfed or didn’t, keep it organic or are more the “grab and go” type, adopted, gave natural birth, had a C-section or a gestational carrier… no matter how you got your baby, you are now her mama and you are doing the absolute best – so give yourself a high five, and make some brunch reservations, this is your day.

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