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Live.Laugh.DIY Battery Operated Sconce Hack

My favorite room in my house is our sitting room. It’s right off the kitchen, looks out onto the backyard, and has a our wood burning stove. I love this room because it’s a tv free zone, and a place to drink coffee or wine, read, chat and relax! It’s a small room so there isn’t a lot of extra space for end tables, or even floor lamps…which brings me to my next DIY project. 🙂  I recently decided sconces MIGHT look great on either side of my gallery wall above the chairs, but I wasn’t absolutely sure. I could have purchased plug-in sconces, but I have those in my bedroom and the sight of the cord always bugs me a little. In order to hardwire the sconces we’d have to bring in our electrician (who we’ve used to install ceiling fans, fix outlets, and convert outlets for us). But without being 100% certain I’d like the look, I didn’t want to have him putting boxes into the wall just to cover them with plates in the event I didn’t like them. Enter….the puck light sconce. I saw this done on instagram (@nestingwithgrace) and knew it was the perfect solution to my problem!



  • Sconce and mounting screws
  • PVC Reducing Male Adapter ¾” x ½”  (from the plumbing department at Home Depot)  
  • A Puck Light (Choose one with a remote for easier use!)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Batteries


Step 1

Attach the sconce(s) directly to the wall.


Step 2

Glue the Male Adapter to the backside of your puck light. Put the batteries needed into the puck light.



Step 3

Gently screw the puck light into the sconce(s) on the wall just as if it were a lightbulb. Don’t force it. You will not have to twist it as much as you’d have to twist a true lightbulb.


Step 4

Either tap your light on, or use the remote to turn the light on and off.




That is all! This little hack is so simple, and is such an impactful design/decor element! If you have any questions or need any help, always feel free to reach out. If you make your own puck light sconce, send it my way (Beth@livelaughdenver.com). I’d love to see it! #HomebodyHacks


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