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Live.Laugh.Denver. Spring How To: Classes!

We are so excited to be bringing back our FREE How To: classes this Spring! We have classes running the first three Tuesdays of March. Each of the classes run from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at 27th and Lawrence – with the education piece from 6pm to 7pm and some time to mix, mingle and ask questions before and after. Click the link for each class to sign up – we can’t wait to see you!

  • March 5th – How To: Buy a House
    • If you want to feel educated, empowered and in control when buying a home, then this is the class for you!
    • Thinking about checking homeownership off your bucket list in 2019? Have questions? Intimidated by the process? Think you need perfect credit, 20% down and a 30 year commitment? Think again!
    • At this event you will learn:
      – How to create an offer that can WIN in this competitive market.
      – How to protect your earnest money deposit
      – How to buy a home for just 3% down (that’s less than a deposit plus first month’s rent!).
    • Now is absolutely the time to make your homeownership goals a reality, and we are here to help! Join us for a no-obligation/ no pressure Homebuyer class to learn all about the process, bust some home buying myths, and facilitate a Q&A.
  • March 12th – How To: Make the Most of Homeownership
    • Whether looking to sell in the next couple of years or just want to know how to maximize your investment when it comes to renovations, How To: Make the Most of Homeownership is for you!
    • We will cover:
      • Which home improvement projects yield the highest ROI
      • Funding options for costly renovations
      • DIY projects YOU can really do yourself
      • Home Maintenance best practices
      • Design and staging ideas great for buyers… or just your guests!
  • March 19th – How To: Build Your Real Estate Empire
    • Whether looking to have a portfolio of 2 or 20, this class will help you feel confident going out there and building your very own real estate empire, one property at a time!
    • 96% of Americans are not in a place to retire on their assets – building your wealth through real estate could be your key to financial freedom – join us to learn how!

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