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Agent’s Weigh In: Ways to Live Well

We are strong believers that it is important to treat yourself! Here are a few ways our agents make sure they are living well so they can take the best care of their clients.

Lindsey: Trying to fit everything into a day is challenging, but moving my body and consuming quality food with my family is a priority, here are some resources helping me do that these days:
– Orange Theory Fitness: Wanna know how you know someone does Orange Theory? They have already told you 3 times.  But honestly, if you want a work out that can scale for pretty much anyone, let me know. I would love to meet you for a class!
– Prefare Denver: No subscription weekly meal kit delivery, DELICIOUS and only 15 minutes to make! Additionally, they source local and minimize waste with delivery direct to the cooler on your front step! Use DENVER121 to try 2 meals for 2 for free!
– Womenfolk Beauty : Whether you are of the “New Year, New Me” or “Resolutions, what resolutions?” mindset, we can all benefit from holistic wellness! Womenfolk Beauty service providers offer holistic facials, Reiki services and training, energy healing, holistic nutrition, acupuncture, sugaring, waxing and lash services.

Emily: I do my best to eat well and exercise as often as possible. I also ride horses at Table Mountain Ranch for physical and mental wellness. Getting out in the fresh air, even on cold days, is refreshing and awakening.

Christina: The following resources help me tremendously!
– App: Calm– great for guided meditations covering sleep, anxiety, focus, stress, and gratitude. If you are looking for a great resource on mediation journals, check out this blog post.
– Favorite Spa: On Broadway Salon and Spa– Connie does amazing facials, it is so relaxing!
– This year I implemented a gratitude journal- I highly recommend! It helps you to take a few minutes each day and write what you are grateful for. I now find myself noting great moments throughout the day because of it.

Hilary: I try to go to yoga as often as I can, especially to get a break from my phone, I love Better Buzz Yoga in Sunnyside. I also treat myself to regular facials at Alchemy Face Bar (highly highly recommend Michelle!). Spending weekend in the mountains when I can also keeps me sane.

Laura: Regular chiropractic care

Beth: Long walks with my pooch, and I go to barre classes at Arvada Barre Belle!

Amy: – Holistica Denver  – one of my favorite places to go to and pamper myself with a relaxing facial is Holistic Denver. Tess is wonderful, professional, and knows how to make you feel relaxed, special, and beautiful. I walk away a new person every time I visit her.
– Cassidyllic – If you feel overwhelmed and overloaded with all the stuff and clutter in your home or office, I would highly recommend contacting Cassidy. She is absolutely a godsend when it comes to organizing and de-cluttering large and/or small places. A tidy and organized home/office means you have peace of mind, and as a mother of two girls, it keeps me happy and focused.

Andre: Work out regularly. Come work out with us at Crossfit Train! Eat well. Start the day off right with an acai bowl from Prosper Oats in LoHi. Recover. Go see my boy Rick Pebbles over at Berkeley Community Acupuncture on Tennyson for the best massage in Denver!

**The offers included above do not benefit Live.Laugh.Denver. or any agent,  we just like to spread the love!


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