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Obviously, I love all things creative and crafty! Back in the spring my sister-in-law, a fellow craft lover, and I visited the Denver Flea and each bought a National Parks tracking poster! I also bought one for my parents (who are adventurous hikers), and my mother-in-law (who has visiting all the park on her life bucket list)! At the time, I couldn’t decide which frame I liked best, so I went home with just the posters.

Eventually, I decided where the poster would go in my house, and knew that I needed a light wood frame to match the decor. At that point, my sister-in-law and I headed to Home Depot! We we both thrilled with the final product, and my husband even made one (which is the project documented here) for a large arctic poster for which we were dreading framing because of the cost that goes along with custom framing!

Here’s what we used and how we made the frames!


4 – ¼ inch x 2 inch x  4 foot Poplar boardsYou’ll want to get the correct length (feet) to work for your project. Measure the width of your poster before purchasing. You’ll need 4 pieces of wood in this length. You’ll use 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom and your poster will be pinched in between them.

4 – Plastic Screw Cap CoversThey’ll come in a pack of 24. The good news is you’ll have extra when you decide other posters need framing in your house! I spray painted mine because I wasn’t a fan of the glossy black.

4 – #6 ½ Inch Flathead Screws (I photographed ⅝ inch but ended up using ½ because ⅝ screws were too long).

Flat Leather Cord  – I used this one, but any cord you like will work. Twine, ribbon, or really any cord should work if it matches the vibe you’re going for. Our arctic poster was so heavy that the cord only serves as a visual. I use velcro photo hanging command strips to actually hang the poster.




Step by Step:

  • Measure your wood and cut 4 pieces the same width of the poster you’re framing. I have a miter saw (I highly recommend the investment!). You could also use a hand saw (you’ll be fine, the board is unbelievably thin), jigsaw, table saw, or circular saw. Whatever you have will work!
  • Sand down your wood.
  • Stack two pieces of wood together. Measure where you want your screw caps to be placed and mark with a pencil.
  • Drill pilot holes through both boards. Repeat this on the other two boards using the same measurements. This will prevent the screws from splintering the boards when you screw them in. Also the boards will be perfectly lined up when it comes time to put in the screws.



  • Next, prepare the leather cord. Cut a length that, once attached, you’ll be happy with.
  • Grab your poster and your boards. Tape your poster level to the board as well as the cord you are using.
  • Then, place the next board on top (covering the tape).
  • Screw your screws into the pilot holes and use a tiny bit of glue to attached your screw caps!





**I spray painted the caps antique copper for the large map poster and matte black for my tracking poster.



  • Finally, complete the previous step (minus the leather strap) on the bottom edge of your poster!


**If your screws poke through (which some of mine did) and you don’t want them to scrape up the paint on your wall, you can use “Felt Magic Sliders” to cover where the screws popped through.  



Voila! You have your very own, very affordable, poster frame!





Here is the poster frame I created with my sister-in-law!



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