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Agents Weigh In: Favorite Local Coffee Shops

“Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.” – Stephanie Piro

Lindsey’s Picks: Rivers & Roads Coffee Shop in Clayton – and Steep Coffee & Tea in Hale. Of course, Crema Bodega in Central Market often is default by location and their iced americanos rock my world.

Beth’s Pick: Love Novo Coffee (There are a bunch of locations). They make all their own syrups and their cups are biodegradable, so the lucky Denver residents who have composting can compost their cups! Also, Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada.

Hilary’s Picks: Common Grounds in Sunnyside is part of my morning dog walk, so I’m a frequent there. I also love Huckleberry, Novo, Metropolis, and of course Crema!

Christina’s Pick: I love Starbucks, but my absolute favorite coffee drink is at Columbine Cafe in Breckenridge- they have awesome flavored coffees- my personal favorite is the Snickers one

Emily’s Picks: I’m with Christina – Starbucks all the way 🙂 If I’m trying to go local though then I’d say Crema or Common Grounds.

Amy’s Picks: I’m absolutely obsessed with the jasmine pearl tea (cambric-syle with almond milk) that I get at my local coffee shop, The French Press. Any chance I get to meet a client or friend there, I’m all over it. And the staff it super kind and helpful.

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