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Agents Weigh In: Favorite Pre and Post Game Spots

Win or lose there is no doubt going to Rockies Games is a favorite summer activity for many Denverites. Although the Rooftop bar in the stadium is a great hang out during the game, we polled the Live.Laugh.Denver. Agents to find out their favorite spots to hang out before and after the game.

Lindsey’s Picks: Ignite and Marcos… and then probably a quick nightcap at Whiskey Bar, and one more at Matchbox, if needed. Baseball game = bar crawl, right?

Beth’s Pick: I don’t have a post-Rockies game activity. I haven’t been to enough games to have a spot yet. I do like to eat all the food at the games though….

Hilary’s Picks: Pre-game at Falling Rock because #allthebeer, post-game: Ratio, Finn’s Manor, Matchbox, love a good post-game upper Larimer bar crawl

Christina’s Pick: Pre-game we love going to Biker Jims – they have some pretty unique hot dog flavors! I don’t really have any post-Rockies game activities because by the end of the game we’re usually tired and ready to go home!

Emily’s Picks: The Ginn Mill and Giggling Grizzly

Olivia’s Pick: I’m pretty excited to check out the new Cherry Cricket and I love MeadowLark Kitchen pre or post game!

Andre’s Pick: I like to stay close to the stadium, so Tap 14 rooftop is great to get some pre game beers, and after the game, you need to establish a good base with some Ian’s pizza before you begin your bar crawl at Giggling Grizzly, Gin Mill, Retro for some pickle shots, and can end with some beers and pool at Zanzibar (and end the night with some more pizza from Marquee if you’re a fat kid like me :-))

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