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Live.Laugh.DIY. Simple DIY Block Frames

Making DIY Block Frames are SO simple and SO perfect for anytime of the year!

Materials Needed:

If you go to Home Depot, you can have them cut your board into the block sizes you prefer. I have a miter saw at home, and I was prepping the Live.Laugh.Celebrate! frames for our amazing clients, so I cut about 50 of these babies in my garage! My aim was for the frame to hold one photo (4×6), so I decided to measure and cut 7 inches so that my block would be 6×7 inches. This way the edges and my stencil would still show with the photo clipped on the frame.

Once the block frames were all cut, it was time to stain. Wearing gloves, I used my rag to wipe both sides and all four edges of each block frame. I applied a thorough coat of stain. After about 5 minutes, I went back with a second rag and wiped the excess stain off the frames. If you let the stain dry without wiping off the excess stain, you’ll end up with a very sticky block. I let the frames dry overnight.

After I stained all the frames, I laid my clothespins out on a piece of cardboard. I sprayed them using metallic spray paints, and let them dry. After an hour passed, I flipped over the clothespins and sprayed the backsides. I let them dry overnight, too.

The next morning I used the gorilla glue to attach one clothespin to each block frame. Finally, I got to decorate my frame. I taped my stencil to the frame so that it wouldn’t move while I sponge painted with some acrylic paint I picked up from Michaels!

When it comes to decorating, the options are endless. Stencils are great if you don’t want to worry about coming up with your own design. If kids are decorating frames, they can use stickers, or even chalk pens! If you want to decorate a block frame, but don’t want to actually make the block frame, come to Live.Laugh.Celebrate! Let’s celebrate what a wonderful year 2017 has been together!

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