10 Ways to Give!

Looking for creative ways to give back to the community you love? First and foremost, find a cause you care about and then…

  1. Share your skills – know what you are good at, and share it with an organization who needs it.
  2. Fundraise – run, walk, climb, decend, or even sleep in! Partner up with a race to raise fundraise for a cause.
  3. Get hands on – build a house, walk a dog, serve the less fortunate – get out there, and invest your time!
  4. Increase awareness – help keep a cause top of mind by educating your friends and family!
  5. Mentor – youth of all ages can use a little help and accountability from an adult in their community.
  6. Donate money – be sure to dig in and make sure you know where your hard earned dollars are going.
  7. Hold a drive – coats, food, diapers – host a party and collect the goods for a neighboring organization.
  8. Become an organ donor – just check yes, this one is easy.
  9. Cook for those in need.
  10. Join a service organization – be it business, church or school – there are a ton of incredible service organizations around you, join and then take advantage of all the ways to give!

There are so many resources where you can find volunteer opportunities (work, school, church) but if you are looking for something specific, you can always check out https://www.volunteermatch.org/ for some fresh ideas!

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