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3 Colossal Mistakes to Avoid During Your Home Inspection.

Cheapin’ out! This is likely the most expensive purchase you have made thus far in your life, don’t try and save a buck or two on inspections. Anticipate spending anywhere from $400-$1,000 on the inspections depending upon what all needs done! Doing a general inspection, radon test and sewerscope is pretty standard. Once you have those results back, you may need to call in a specialist, or two. $100s now can save you $1,000s later, be smart, and don’t cut corners!

Freakin’ out! Things will come up on the inspection – they absolutely should, that’s why you are paying an inspector. Chances are, if the home has been standing for 50 years, it will stand for 50 more. That said, now is your time! Do your due diligence, find out what it is going to take to fix all the problems, and then make an educated decision. Even brand spankin’ new homes are not 100% perfect.

Hoverin’ over the Inspector! Have you ever tried to type while someone is looking over your shoulder? Think about that from the home inspectors’ prospectives. We advise you let the inspectors do their jobs, and then let them take you back through the home item by item. They will explain everything they found, and then provide you with a full written and detailed report within about 24 hours for your records. They will answer questions if you have for them, too.

Need recommendations? We’d happily provide you with a list of home inspectors our clients have had success with!

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