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Agents Weigh In: Best Brunch Spot

Most of us can agree brunch is the best meal of the week. Lucky for us we live in a city full of delicious options! We looked beyond the usual pick – Snooze and picked some of our other favorites, check out our agent’s picks below:

Lindsey’s Picks: Sam’s #3 (because duh, everything’s delicious), Syrup, Sassafras, and Shells & Sauce (funnel cake fries!)

Beth’s Pick: Denver Biscuit Co – who doesn’t like fried chicken on a biscuit?! not to mention the cinnamon roll biscuit!

Hilary’s Picks: Sunny’s (no liquor license but there’s still always a wait because duh its delicious), Devil’s Food (hello…best chicken and waffles)

Emily’s Picks: The Lobby (great day drinking spot), Steuben’s (best blueberry pancakes/everything), DJ’s Berkeley Cafe (super chill vibe)

Christina’s Pick: Gabe’s Cafe in Dacono – love a good hole in the wall and they have great green chili

Olivia’s Pick: Cozy Cottage on Tennyson – great patio

Martin’s Pick: Faves are (in no particular order) – Watercourse Foods, City O City, Native Foods, Syrup, Jelly, and of course Snooze

Andre’s Pick: Denver Biscuit Company, The Noshery over in the Regis hood

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