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The Live.Laugh.Denver. Moving Checklist

While moving to a new home is often very exciting, the prospect of actually moving is often not. We have scoured the internet to create the ultimate moving checklist to help make the process a little less daunting. Click here for a downloadable/printable version of this list and, if you are looking for movers, don’t forget to give our friends at Around the Clock Movers a call – tell them the Live.Laugh.Denver. team sent you!

8 Weeks Before the Move
  • Decide: Keep, Sell, Give Away, or Throw Away
    • Don’t move things you don’t want to keep!
  • Create a Binder
    • Keep all your important documents in one place (this checklist, bids from movers, etc.)
  • Research Companies to Help with Your Move
    • Professional movers, cleaning services, rental trucks
  • Create an Inventory of Valuable Items
    • Use this list to make sure everything arrives at your new house. You may also want to take pictures of items that may get damaged to show their condition prior to the move
  • Organize School Records
    • If you have kids attending new schools, arrange to have their records transferred
6 Weeks Before the Move
  • Slow Down on Grocery Shopping
    • Start eating and using up products you don’t want to move i.e. frozen foods, paper goods, cleaning supplies
  • Begin Gathering Moving Supplies
    • Boxes, bubble wrap, tape
5 Weeks Before the Move
  • Sell What You Can
    • If you have a lot of stuff, garage sale! Otherwise, sell it online
  • Donate Anything You Can’t Sell
    • Don’t forget to get receipts for your donations for possible future tax write off!
  • Throw Away Anything You Aren’t Selling or Giving Away
    • There may be a limit on what you can put on the curb each week, so you may need to space this out over a few weeks
4 Weeks Before the Move
  • Schedule Moving Company/Truck
    • During peak moving seasons (i.e. summer) it is important to book these early. Be sure to inform the moving company if you will be making additional stops (i.e. at a storage unit) or if you have large pieces of furniture that may require special care
  • Separate Valuables
    • Put them in a separate box that you will move yourself
  • Cancel Gym Membership
    • Many gyms/yoga studios require 30 days notice to cancel an autopay membership
  • Start Packing
    • Start with items you won’t need in the next few weeks: wall decor, books, out of season clothing, etc.. Don’t forget to label each box as you fill it with what’s inside
  • Change Your Address
    • Post office, banks, credit card companies, doctor’s offices, insurance provider, lawyers, magazine subscriptions, your children’s school, your employer
3 Weeks Before the Move
  • Transfer Utilities
    • Contact providers to set up cancellation dates at your current address and activation dates at your new address
  • Say Your Goodbyes
    • If you are moving out of the state or town, plan a time to visit all your favorite spots and people
  • Confirm Travel Plans
    • If you are traveling overnight for your move, plan rest stops and hotels along the way
  • Arrange Child/Pet Care
    • For small children and pets it is one less thing to worry about on moving day
  • Forward Your Medical Records
    • Have your medical provider forward your records or give you copies of your records
  • Schedule Cleaners for Your Current Address
    • It is always best to leave your home clean for the next person.
2 Weeks Before the Move
  • Schedule the Day Off
    • If you aren’t moving on a weekend
  • Confirm With Movers/Truck
  • Dispose of Hazardous Materials
    • Gasoline, propane, etc.
1 Week Before the Move
  • Set Aside What You Will Need Your First Night
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottle or cups, a comfy change of clothes, sheets, etc.. Label this box “pack last.”
A Few Days Before the Move
  • Confirm time and payment method with movers
    • Don’t forget to have money to tip the movers, usually 10-15%
  • Clearly Label and Number Boxes
    • Make a corresponding list for you to reference. It may also be useful to group which numbered boxes go in which rooms
  • Confirm with baby or pet sitter
    • Set up pick up/drop off times
Day of the Move
  • Check Labels on Your Boxes
    • Make sure everything is labeled and the the numbers are easy to see.
  • Keep Track of Boxes While Loading
    • Use your corresponding list to make sure everything makes it into the truck  
  • Locate Your “Pack Last” Box
    • Make sure this is packed last or you take it yourself so you have everything you need for your first night.
  • Post a Copy of the List at Your New House
    • If you have grouped the boxes by rooms, the movers will easily be able to see where they should put each box.
  • Final Walk Through of Your House
    • Are all the windows and exterior doors locked? Is the heat/AC turned off? Did you forget anything? Have you turned in all keys and garage door openers?

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