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Agents Weigh In: Favorite Pre and Post Game Spots

Win or lose there is no doubt going to Rockies Games is a favorite summer activity for many Denverites. Although the Rooftop bar in the stadium is a great hang out during the game, we polled the Live.Laugh.Denver. Agents to find out their favorite spots to hang out before and after the game.

Lindsey’s Picks: Ignite and Marcos… and then probably a quick nightcap at Whiskey Bar, and one more at Matchbox, if needed. Baseball game = bar crawl, right?

Beth’s Pick: I don’t have a post-Rockies game activity. I haven’t been to enough games to have a spot yet. I do like to eat all the food at the games though….

Hilary’s Picks: Pre-game at Falling Rock because #allthebeer, post-game: Ratio, Finn’s Manor, Matchbox, love a good post-game upper Larimer bar crawl

Christina’s Pick: Pre-game we love going to Biker Jims – they have some pretty unique hot dog flavors! I don’t really have any post-Rockies game activities because by the end of the game we’re usually tired and ready to go home!

Emily’s Picks: The Ginn Mill and Giggling Grizzly

Olivia’s Pick: I’m pretty excited to check out the new Cherry Cricket and I love MeadowLark Kitchen pre or post game!

April’s Pick: Margs on any patio, 1Up, and Wynkoop Brewery. I also love Rio on the Rocks when I am at the games, so refreshing.

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